0 to 100 Real Quick: Ray Rice Edition

I was watching ESPN yesterday morning to catch some NFL highlights. To my surprise (or maybe not), another star football player made headlines for something other than football.


Not that football player.

TMZ released the full video of Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Ravens, knocking his wife out with a Hercules punch and was seen pulling her unconscious body out of the elevator.

But don’t worry, news broke out on this incident earlier this year, and Roger Goodell and his team really cracked down on him with a 2 game suspension. To make things tougher for the multi-millionaire, he was charged with aggravated assault and had to sit through a pretrial intervention program to avoid jail time. Definitely crude and unusual.

So why all the headlines about a 3 month old story? Ray Rice even told his team what he had done… ( – Source: ESPN )

“His description was not too much different — except it looks more violent when you see it,” a team source said. “He’s a likable guy, and he’s done so many things the right way in his career, but he’s paying for what he did and the fact there was a video. You can’t erase the video.”

The source insisted the Ravens had requested copies of the video through multiple sources without success. At one point, a police officer who had seen the video described what it contained to Ravens officials.

“We hadn’t seen the video,” the source said. “The video changes the perspective.”

“The video changes the perspective,” or basically, if TMZ hadn’t released the video, Ray Rice could’ve been making millions of dollars. A 30 second video is what fires everyone up rather than the story he told them. “You can’t erase the video,” is probably the line that sticks out to me the most in this excerpt. Now that the incident is on tape, there is no way to ‘sugar-coat’ domestic violence: an NFL running back punched his wife square in the face and knocked her out cold. If the whole thing wasn’t on tape, we’d listen to the story, empathize with the wife for a bit, and continue cheering for Ray Rice on our fantasy teams.

In fact, teammates rallied around Ray Rice expressing their support for his situation when they first heard about it a couple of months ago. Fans gave him a standing ovation at practice. The team’s PR director wrote a 1,200-word essay on what a great guy Rice was. Coach John Harbaugh said he was proud of the way Rice had handled it (though not proud of the act).

On a side note, how did TMZ break this news before the NFL?! The NFL Investigative team consists of former FBI agents, police chiefs, and other professional detectives with job descriptions made for these situations… and TMZ (celebrity entertainment) got their hands on it (probably with a hefty price tag too). In fact, the only reason this video was released was probably because someone thought they could make a lot of money selling the video to TMZ. Officials at the Atlantic City Casino where the incident occurred said that the NFL did not even contact them for any type of video inside the elevator. Touché NFL.

Moral of the story? Take the stairs.

How bout them Dolphins though!

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