LeBron James Unveils New Look

OREGON – LeBron James made an appearance at Nike Headquarters this Tuesday to unveil his newest shoe. The unveiling was a huge success, with thousands of fans showing up in support of the Cleveland Cavalier just weeks before training camp.

Thousands of people watching the unveiling noticed a slight difference in LeBron’s appearance on Tuesday however.


Yes, multiple sources have confirmed that LeBron will be returning to Cavalier training camp with a full head of hair. LeBron’s newly found confidence will definitely improve his performance on the court, almost reassuring another trip to the NBA Finals. The unveiling bears more bad news for LeBron haters who resorted to the receding hair line memes just hours after LeBron won his first ring.

When asked about the fresh new look, LeBron commented, “It’s about damn time.”

Keep an eye out for LeBron’s miraculous three month transformation in the next Rogaine testimonial commercial coming out this winter.

– Shahrukh

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